EO-87 and TX-60/65/66/660 Update!

EO-87 preorder updates shipping delay TX mini

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that the wait for the two most recent GBs is nearly over. The production has been complete (including the fix for suo PCBs). We have major updates regarding both:

  • Due to COVID-19, all EO-87 and TX mini orders will be shipped to proxies (except for certain Asian countries) around mid June:
    • MKB - Europe
    • TX US - United States
    • Apex - Canada
    • DailyClack - Australia
    • Okonomiyaki - Singapore
    • Any countries with NO proxies will be shipped directly from Korea using DHL (this is a very expensive option that we will try not to use whenever we can)
  • If you chose the direct shipping from Korea option, you will receive a refund when proxies start dispatching your order(s).
  • There will be many extras (both kits and parts) for United States and more limited for other regions.
  • Proxies are expected to receive them around end of July.

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  • Sergey on

    I chose delivery from Korea to Russia, we’re not in the EU. Should I expect delivery via MKB or still direct shipping from Korea? Thanks

  • Chase on

    Will the extra’s be out in mid June as well? I passed on the brass weight and really regret it!

  • TX Keyboards on

    @Toine: That’s correct. You will receive a shipping refund in the end.
    @stotle.caps: If you’re in Indonesia, you will receive it directly from Korea via DHL (basically a very very costly option that we are trying not to use too often)
    @Connor: There will be many in the US and super limited for others
    @Zak: When every preorder is shipped.

  • Zak on

    When will extras go up?

  • Connor on

    By except for United States do you mean there will be many extras for the US or none?

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