EO-87 and TX Mini Update #2

EO-87 preorder updates TX mini

Hi all,

UPDATE July 31st: 100 units have been shipped to US. Other regions' orders are expected to be shipped next week. We apologize for the long delay and hope you will all understand.

UPDATE June 27th: Keyboards will be shipped to proxies mid July.

  • US and EU are expected to receive them mid August.

Other updates for our GBs:

  • Due to the complication of EU laws, all EU orders placed directly on here will be shipped from Korea via DHL. All orders placed on Mykeyboard EU will be shipped to them to handle the fulfillment.
  • For Asian buyers, who do not live in Singapore/Vietnam/China, will receive their orders directly from Korea.
  • No plan change for US and Canadian buyers. All orders will be shipped to TX Keyboards US and Apex Keyboards.
    • US customers who placed the orders directly (using no discount codes) will receive a refund after their order is shipped by TX Keyboards US.
  • Factory has started packing, timeline below:
    • TX Korea to ship all direct orders (any orders, except US, placed with no discount codes are considered direct)
    • Shipments to proxies to start in 10 business days:
      • 30-40 business days to reach proxies in EU, US and Canada
      • 15 business days to Singapore and Vietnam


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  • Aqethdhsgak on

    Might we have any update for shipping process of TX mini from last 27.06?

  • Phil on

    Any word on the EO87? I’m in Australia ?

  • Coffeeshopcoder on

    How do I change my shipping address for US ? I’m moving at the end of August, and I think it may be better to update my address if the proxies are expected to get it in august.

  • Kevin Yip on

    When is normal shipping on in-stock items like films and SUO PCBs coming back again?

  • Uchjha99 on

    Wonder if Viet Nam’s buyer won’t be shipped directly from Korea, so does the keyboards need time (10 days) to get to Tx Korea before shipping? Or they will skip these 10 days and directly ship from the factory (in China maybe) ?

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