EO-87 Updates

Hello all!

We know you guys are super excited to purchase our next board: EO-87! We have a few very important details before opening the GB on Monday, Feb 17th at noon PST.

Due to kin's desire to save on shipping cost for buyers, all the orders except for EU and Vietnam will take place exclusively on TX International here. We will then dispatch the orders in bulk to various proxies who then ship them to you.

In order to take advantage of this, please use the following codes that are corresponding with your country:

  • Canadian buyers: CAN2020 (Apex Keyboard)
  • USA buyers: USA2020 (TX Keyboards US)
  • Australian buyers: AUS2020 (Dailyclack)
  • Singaporean buyers: SING2020 (Okonomiyaki on discord)
  • Vietnamese buyers: please contact your proxy
  • EU buyers: Please order on mykeyboard.eu. Some explanations for EU's pricing discrepancies:
  • MKB.eu pricing is inclusive of all taxes and shipping charges.
  • MKB.eu is an import company and they also have a warranty of 2 years on the products they sell.
  • We already had a very lengthy conversation about this and we believe it is the best for EU buyers to receive the boards from an actual EU import company rather than us.

It is important that you use the correct code for where you are shipping your board to. If you use the wrong code, we will cancel your order. If you don't use any codes or none of the codes applies to you, we will ship your order directly from Korea.

This is a true Group Buy which means there won't be a limit. We will make every single board that is ordered. We will run it for 2 weeks until end of Monday, March 2nd PST.

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  • Toine on

    @TX Keyboards, Ah i wasn’t aware. My apologies, that doesn’t sound completely off.
    I’ve already placed my order but going forward it’s good to note. Will you fulfill orders to the EU? or do they get canceled.
    I’d like to keep my order regardless!

  • @boutTreeFiddy on

    @TX Keyboards…

    Excellent. That with all brass hardware makes me tingle.

    Many thanks.

  • TX Keyboards on

    @boutTreeFiddy: please refer to our champagne gold TX-65v2 :) https://kr.txkeyboards.com/collections/keyboard-kits/products/tx-65v2?variant=31970122006660

  • TX Keyboards on

    @Husam, @greedy, @Toine: please read our explanations. It is the nature of 21% VAT tax not their faults. It is in your best interest to pay a little bit more to have a better protection under the EU law.

  • @boutTreeFiddy on

    Now that I’ve preordered the gold top crystal flavor… any chance you can post a pic? ;)

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