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After TX series with full aluminum housing and some layouts with PC housing, we are excited to tap into the acrylic world with our new keyboard series! Code name: EO. Fun fact: it is kin25's nickname in real life.

The first of (hopefully) many more to come in this series is the TKL layout which (almost) everyone loves.

Featuring the aluminum top and acrylic bottom, each kit will include top and bottom housing, aluminum plate, suo PCB (new version!), TX cable and TX bag.

The two major changes for suo PCB are 20 RGB LED effects and USB-C (for all layout).

Plates will be available in different material as well:

  • Acrylic plate: 5mm (recommended for Holy Panda since those are not cherry standard switches)
  • Brass, aluminum and stainless steel: 1.5mm (Alu can also be a suitable choice for Holy Panda)
  • FR4: 1.6mm

Six colors are expected to be offered: Black, grey, silver, gold, red and white. Acrylic top may or may not happen we do not know yet.

Sandwich mount style.

Besides, there will also be clear acrylic model which is called Crystal version!

Expected international pricing for both versions: $200/kit + shipping from Korea.

Kit includes:

  • Aluminum top
  • Plate: aluminum/acrylic/stainless steel
  • suo PCB (new version) (USB-C) - non-hotswappable
  • Acrylic weight
  • TX cable
  • TX bag

Other options that will cost extra:

  • Exchange to brass plate: $20
  • Extra brass plate: $50
  • Exchange to brass weight: $50
  • Extra PCB (+$TBD)

Tentative preorder schedule is on February 16th.


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  • Tadakatsukami on

    Been a while since I was excited about buying a board kit. That Acrylic with red board…. I am thinking it’s going to be my daily. Hoping for Hot swap add though.. Sexy.

  • Husam on

    Does the PCB support ISO layout? This will be my first custom.
    Many Thanks.

  • Han on

    Would be great if there’s a hotswap version for the pcb!

  • gin on

    why acrylic top? does it sound better? i cant wait im thinking pricing wont be 200 im thinking this keyboard will be clsoer to 400 usd

  • gin on

    im going to buy this with crystal finish with brass all over this is nice, i hope it sounds good modded lubed ext ext looks amazing

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