Shipping Delay

shipping delay

This table has been updated as of March 18th, 2020

▶ Shipping delay country (more than a month)

Netherlands Azerbaijan Vietnam Oman
Germany (more delay) Estonia Malaysia Jordan
Romania *United Kingdom Singapore (more delay) Pakistan
Russia (more delay) Austria **Japan (more delay) Tanzania
Belgium Turkey Indonesia Mozambique
Macedonia Georgia China (more delay) Rwanda
Bosnia Croatia Cambodia Ethiopia
Cyprus France Thailand
Sweden Finland Hongkong (more delay)
Switzerland Canada Kazakhstan
▷ Delivery stop country
Norway Saudi Arabia Israel Angola
Spain Iran Bermuda Egypt
Italy Myanmar Venezuela Djibouti
Ireland Bangladesh Brazil Cape Verde
Czech Republic Sri Lanka Ecuador Australia (only EMS)
Poland Uzbekistan El Salvador New Zealand
Bulgaria India Mexico Papua New Guinea
Ukraine Nepal Jamaica Fiji
Taiwan Brunei Colombia
Laos Bahrain Panama
Macau A.E.U Chile
Mongolia Mauritius Algeria
* United Kingdom
Undeliverable zip code (DG, DH, HU, LA, NE, YO, DE, HR, SY, TF, WR, WV)
** Japan
Deliverable Area (Osaka, Tokyo)


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  • Hai Bui on

    I placed 2 orders 2 months ago, but have not received it, is it any chance it’s lost by now?

    #TX-2550 and #TX-2398

  • Domantas on

    Hello, my order #TX-2530 still didn’t arrive is that normal? I am from Lithuania.

  • Brandon Galima on

    My order. When will it be shipped. Order ORDER #TX-2665

  • L on

    Does the current situation affect the schedule for the EO-87?

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