Update #1 - TX Minis

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Hi all!

Here are some of the updates:

  • EO-87 has all been delivered except for Australia and New Zealand. We believe the holdup is due to customs.
  • TX-minis:
    • Some of them have been delivered to Asian buyers.
    • US office has received the shipment.
    • EU, Australia and Canada are still waiting for the shipment.

This is the issue that is preventing us from shipping the boards:


This is how the right side should look like but it’s currently saying “XT” now:

Both sides showed the same logo direction which is incorrect because one will say XT instead of TX. We are currently in the process of remaking these brass handles and once we receive the replacements, they will be shipped as soon as possible.

Any questions? Please email support@us.txkeyboards.com

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  • TX Keyboards on

    the process is almost done now. We are currently packing Asia and EU orders.

  • Angel on


    I know we are waiting for the replacement brass handles but is there a rough time frame? Its been another 4 weeks since the last update

    thank you

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