Updates #4 for EO-87 and TX Minis

EO-87 preorder updates TX mini


EO-87 Updates

  • USA: Fulfilling in progress. You will receive another confirmation email when your order is ready to ship. Please be patient. Couriers in US (FedEx and USPS) have been unreliable so it is not a good thing to overwhelm them with packages that are heavy and expensive. All shipments will require direct signature.
  • EU: Fulfillment starts on Monday, Oct 5th.
  • Canada: Shipments will arrive very soon probably in the next a few days.
  • Singapore: Done.
  • Vietnam: Arriving soon.
  • Others: Direct orders will start shipping again after Chuseok (~Oct. 5th).

TX Minis Updates

We ran into a problem with the side brass as it shows discoloring patterns over the time.

We decided to move on with this sandblasted version:

We have fixed them and hopefully can ship these out to proxies after Oct. 4th.

Any questions? Please send an email to support@us.txkeyboards.com


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