Updates#3 for EO-87 & TX Mini GBs

EO-87 preorder updates TX mini

EO-87 has been dispatched to proxies almost entirely. Here are the days to PROXIES to receive:

  • EU: 20 days
  • Canada: soon
  • Singapore: RECEIVED and DISPATCHED
  • Vietnam: TBD
  • Others: if you don't belong to any of the regions above, your order will be packed and shipped directly from Korea. We'll be in touch with your tracking and ETA very soon.

TX Mini are finished; however, the brass piece on the side has anodizing issue. Therefore, even though proxies have received the shipment, we will have to wait for the replacement to come in before shipping them out to you.

We really appreciate your patience throughout this time. All these extra steps and waiting periods are to ensure QC and so that we can deliver our best products to you. Thank you so much for your understanding!

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